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Full text of "The Rights Of Parents By Shaykh Hafiz Fazlur Raheem"

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Do good to t/our parents 


A beautiful bouquet 
of 40 Ahadith about 

The Rights of Parents. 

Compiled by: 

Mauiana Hafiz 


Naib Muhtamim 
JamiaAshrafia Lahore 

Published by: 


Lahore Pakistan 



Al! respected readers 
of this beautiful collection of 



are requested to pray for 

Allah's Mercy on all, including 

our parents & dear relatives. 

C>Vj /id /hi a a ra uer6 

Begum & Sh. Saeed Ahmad 
and Family 

48-F.C.C, Gulberg Lahore. 

■1 «^>£-*P, s 
Do <jom/ fo (^oMr parents 


A beautiful bouquet 

of 40 Ahadith about 

The Rights of Parents. 

Compiled by 

Maulana Hafiz 


Naib Muhtamim 
Jamia Ashrafia Lahore 



Those who may wish to get 

this beautiful gift 

for Easaal-e-Sawuab 

to their dear Kith & Kins. 

may contact at the following 
address for concessional rats. 

Hafiz Zubair Hassan 

jamta Ahhrafia. Feaizpur Staid. Lahore 
1ih92-42-7552772. Cell: Q3QD-B49447&, 0300-4420434 


Foreword 5 

1 Parents are the pave-way to Paradise or Hell 9 

2 Parents pleasure leads to Allah "s goodwill 10 

3 Mother has precedence over father 11 

4 The unlucky person 12 

5 Service to parents has priority over optional Jihad 13 

6 Paradise lies beneath the feet of mother 14 

7 Respectful conduct for mother's sister 15 

8 Treatment with non-Muslim parents 16 

9 Respectful & courteous treatment with father's brother 17 

10 Respect & regards for father's friends 18 

11 Extension of Life 19 

12 Obedience of parents fetches obedient children 20 

13 Disobedience of Parents is a grave sin 21 

14 Service to parents earns the goodwill of Allah 22 

15 Can one really fulfil the rights of parents ? 23 

16 Mother's sister ought to be respected like real mother 24 

17 Father is the Central Gateway to Paradise 25 

18 Children's invocation for their departed parents 26 

19 Reward of service to mother 27 

20 Disobedience to parents can be waved off 28 



To abuse parents is a grievous sin 



The reward of an approved pilgrimage 



Three accepted prayers 



Respect for father 



Augmentation of Age & Income 



Service to parents is a deed in the way of Allah 



Service to parents has priority even over Hijrat 



Reward of keeping parents happy 



Even the slightest jester of rudeness to parents 
is condemnable 



The consequences of disobedience to parents 
are faced in this world 



Deprival of entry into Paradise 



Prayers for forgiveness of the parents after their death 



Charity by off -springs can benefit the dead parents 



Longevity is granted for obedience to parents 



Cause of Allah's curse 



Gates of Paradize remain open for those obedient 
to parents 



Respect for foster mother 



Children & their wealth belong to the parents 



Imprecation of Jibraeel-e-Amin & endorsement 
by the Holy Prophet 



Service to parents is no less than optional 


A few days ago I happened to lead a Funeral 
Prayers of an individuaf and made a short 
speech on the Rights Of Parents. After the 
prayers an over 70 years elderly person took 
me into confidence, and told that since he 
transferred the whole of his property in the 
name of his children, he was feeling awfully 
miserable. He added, " my children have 
started hating me. at times they rebuke me 
and sometime they express their annoyance 
over my old age coughing at nights, so much 
so that even they ask to me quit the house and 
go else where ". 

Such unfortunate instances of 
maltreatment of parents have become so 
frequent and common today that it certainly 
sounds a lucid indication of proximity of 
Qayamat (Dooms Day-end of this world), 
when the off-springs shall reportedly start 
hating their parents and display love and 
affection to their friends. 

Immediately on hearing this sad story, I prayed 
to All-Mighty Allah that He may enable me to 
compile forty Ahadith on PARENTS CHILDREN 
RELATIONSHIP because the Holy Prophet £■£ 
has repeatedly emphasized the virtues & 

merits of proper maintenance of this 
relationship. Keeping in view the prevalent 
circumstances where the parents are being 
mostly neglected and harassed by their children. 
I have initially chosen Ahadith which elucidate the 
Rights of Parents to be kept in mind by their 
children. I pray to All-Mighty Allah that this humble 
effort of mine, done in good faith, may prove 
beneficial to motivate us all to discharge our 
obligations as elucidated by the Holy Prophet i.4- 
and in the Ahadith that follow. 

Since the death of my parents I have been 
deprived of their blessings, and whenever I 
recollect my worthy parents I regret having 
missed such a wealth. I sincerely wish I had 
recognized their due status while they were alive, 
but now I vehemently desire to wake up the 
people and make them realize that parents are 
indeed a great blessing and their care with 
respect and regards, can make the life in this 
world and hereafter a Paradize. 

I have personally witnessed that whosoever 
didn't care for the parents and proved a source 

of annoyance and distress to them, was himself 
subjected to unbearable miseries and tortures 
in this very world before his death as explicitly 
cautioned by the Holy Prophet %$■ 

An Advice For Attention: 

The unworthy individuals who didn't look after 
their parents and annoyed them while they were 
alive, if they are really repentful of their ill-conduct 
with the parents who are dead now, I would most 
humbly advise them: 

^ They ought to seek forgiveness from Allah 
and recite tstighfar as much as possible, 

% They should, at all times, with or without 
ablution (Wuzu) recite the following prayer to 
seek Allah's Mercy for their parents: 

"0' Allah, Have mercy on the twains (father & 
mother) as they brought me up when young". 
% They should arrange Eisaal-e-Sawab for their 
departed parents as often as possible; and 
should include their parents in reward of their 
Nawafil prayers. 

The other side of the picture 

It may be kept in mind that just as the parents 
have the rights over their children, the parents are 
also expected to look after their children 

1p The parents are ordained to arrange for 
the education & proper personal grooming 
of their children from childhood. 

"&> While bringing up the children the parents 
ought to try hard that their children's life 
hereafter doesn't tend to be spoiled. This 
particular advise is felt necessary since the 
parents are often heard saying, "How the 
children shall survive after their death", but 
hardly few parents think as to what shall 
happen & what may be in store for their 
children in the world hereafter. 

& Try to equip the children with faculty of 
earning their livelihood alongwith spending 
the life according to Shariha. The Holy 
Prophet {jj- has praised an individual who 
leaves definite sources of livelihood for 
his children & family at the time of 
his death. 

Only short Ahadith have been selected for this 
booklet so that the readers may be able to learn 
them by heart, and earn the virtue & reward of 
learning forty Ahadith, 

May All-Mighty Allah enable us all to act upon the 
Traditions of the Holy Prophet. ^ Aamin 

Hafiz Fazl-ur-Raheem 

Istaib Muhtmim Jamia Ashrafia Lahore. 

, Parents are the pave-way 
iV to Paradise or Hell 



It is recorded on authority of Ibi 
Umamah 4fc that a man asked the Holy 
Prophet, $£ "What rights the parents 
had on their children." The Holy 
Prophet 4#* answered, "Both are your 
Paradise and your Hell." 



So we should always keep in mind that 
obedience to parents and their service 
with love, compassion and due courtesy 
shall be the cause of entry of an 
individual to Paradise: and the regretful 
disobedience of parents and affliction of 
distress on them shall lead the individual 
to Heli. May Allah protect us from Hell. 





Parents pleasure leads 
to Allan s goodwill 

w ) 

Abdullah bin Omar ^ relates that the 
Holy Prophet £$ said: "Allah's pleasure 
and approval are in the pleasure and 
approval of the parents, and Allah's anger 
lies in the displeasure of the parents". 


The Hadith under reference elucidates 
that the best source of earning Allah's 
goodwill is to seek the pleasure of one's 
parents. Allah's goodwill is obviously the 
best blessing, and disobedience of 
parents & their displeasure deprives an 
individual of earning Allah's goodwill. 
May Allah enable us to take care of our 
parents in order to earn his goodwill. 

Mather has precedence 
aver father 

,bu Hurayra J£ said that a man asked the 
Holy Prophet tis'Who had the most priority 
to good treatment?" The Holy Prophet 
replied, "Your mother"' The man asked, 
'And next to the mother?" The Hofy 
^ophet ffi said,"Yourmother." "And next 
again?" asked the man. "Your mother", 
replied the Holy Prophet %$ once more. 
"And next", the man persisted. "Your 
father", the Holy Prophet £j£t answered. 

[Agreed upon} 


jf is learnt from the above statement of the 
Holy Prophet that service to mother has a 
precedence over father. At many occasions 
n the Holy Quran where parents rights & 
filial service to parents is emphasised, 
particular attention is invited to the pains & 
sufferings which the mother bears from 
pregnancy till milk-feeding period in infancy 
of the children, as a consequence of which 
he paradise is stated to be beneath the 
feet of the mother, as quoted in an other 






The unlucky person 

Abu Hurayra 4& tells us that on one 
occasion the Holy Prophet (^ remarked in 
a trance:"He is humbled.he is humbled, he 
is humbledl'The companions asked, "Who 
is humbled.O Prophet ofAI1ah?"The Holy 
Prophet,^ answered, "He who found his/ 
her parents or one of them in old age, and 
yet did not enter Paradise (by serving them) " 



Service to parents is obligatory at ever) 
age, particularly so when they grow old anc 
becomedependent for most of their norma 
needs. The Gracious All-Mighty is realty 
much pleased with an individual who takei 
special care of his/her old parents. If however, 
an individual doesn't bother to care for the old 
parents, he/she is certainly most unlucky to 
have opted for eternal condemnation it 
torturous Hell. 


Service to parents has 
priority over optional Jihad 

We have learnt from Abdullah bin 
Omar J£ that a man came to the 
Holy Prophet &$■ and requested his 
permission to go on Jihad. The Holy 
Ipophetf^ 1 asked the man if his parents 
were alive. The man replied that 
they were. "Then," said the Holy 
Prophet ,£g* "Do jihad for them." 

(That is, strive to earn for parents and 
serve them in all that they need is also a 
form of jihad). 

[Abu Dawood] 


In Hadith under reference the Holy 
Prophet $$ has explicitly stated that 
service to the needy parents is not only 
equivalent to JIHAD, but ought to be 
given preference if the parents are your 
dependents and really need your care. 



Paradise lies beneath 
-* 6 the feet of mother 

Mu'aviya bin Jahima reports that his 
father Jahima j$s went to the Holy 
Prophet i&p and said, "It is my intention 
to go on jihad and I have come to solicit 
your advice. "The Holy Prophet $fc asked 
him whether his mother was alive. 
Jahima £& replied that she was. "Then 
keep yourself busy iti her service 
because Paradise lies beneath her 
feet," The Holy Prophet £$■ advised. 
[Ahmad. Nisai. BaihaqiJ 


In this Hadith the Holy Prophet %rhas 
categorically stated that if an individual's 
mother needs service, sen/ice to mother 
ought to be given priority even over the 
desire of participation in the virtuous 
deed of optional JIHAD. 

Respectful conduct for 
mother's sister 


-ta^-i J\J j^jC J Ij p \i. j_r*5 ,Sll 

Ibn Umar Jj? reports that a man came to 
the Hoty Prophet (fij^said, "I have committed 
a very great sin and I wonder if it can be 
forgivenMhe Holy Prophet ffl asked, 
Have you a mother?" The man answered 
that he had lost his mother. 'Then, is her 
sister alive?" Sked the Holy 
Prophet £p "She is. "The man said. Then 
go and treat her well", the Holy 
Prop het j$ a d vised . jjlrmidhi] 


According to this Hadith, serving the 
parents, mother in particular, is the best 
source of seeking salvation & forgiveness 
of grave sins. However, if the mother is not 
alive, then one ought to respect & serve 
mother's sister for repentance of sins and 
seeking forgiveness from Allah. 





o Treatment with 
non-Muslim parents 

Asma bint Abu Bakr As-Siddiqi-^ 
narrates: My mother came to me, while 
she was still a polytheist. I asked the 
Messenger of Allah, "My mother who is 
ill-disposed to Islam, has come to visr 
me. She wants something from me. 
Shall I show her affection? The Holy 
Prophet JKM replied: Yes, be benevolent 

towards your mother. [Agreed upon] 


The reference quoted above establishes 
that it is obligatory for a Muslim to treat 
parents with courtesy &respect even 
though they may be polytheists or pagans. 
Their sinful & infidel wishes leading to 
violation of the basic ordains of Allah must 
not be however obeyed, but still the 
treatment metted out to the parents ought 
to remain most respectful, compassionate 
& consoling 

o Respectful & courteous 
treatment with father's brother 

Abdullah Bin Umar ^A states that the Holy 
Prophet ,f4i said, "One who desires to be a 
source of solace for the deceased father in 
grave, ought to treat his father's brothers 

with respect & regard". 

[In Jabban] 


In this particular reference it is advised 
to show proper respect & care to the 
father's brothers as a token of regard for 
the departed father, while in other Ahadith 
It is stated that after the death of the parents 
it is obligatory for the children to pay due 
regards & care to ail close relatives & even 
friends of both father & mother. 




10 Respect & regards for 
fathers friends 

Ibn-e-Umar ss$ said that he heard the Holy 
Prophet &£ of Allah saying: "The finest act 
of goodness & virtue is to treat the friends & 
associates of the late father with affection 

& re9ardS "- [Muslim] 


This Hadith elaborates that continuation of 
respectful treatment & good behaviour with 
father's friends & acquaintances after the 
death of father, is reckoned as part of 
fulfillment of the rights of father 



Extension of Life 


It is stated by Jabir " that the Holy 
Prophet %$> said, "Allah blesses an 
individual with longevity if he/she sincerely 
serves the parents with due regards & 




It may always be kept in mind that faithful 
obedience to parents fetches Allah's 
blessings, inclusive of longevity in the 
lifespan of the individual, white failure to 
serve the parents with respect & regards 
tends to invite the wrath of Allah thus 
inviting miseries of death in this world, 



12 Obedience of parents 
fetches obedient children 

I bn-e-U mar ^states that the Holy 
Prophet £§S said, "Serve your parents with 
respect; your children shall afso serve you 
with regard, Remain pious in your conduct, 
your women shall remain faithful to you". 



This Hadith elucidates that respectful 
treatment & service to your parents shall 
be immediately responded by similar 
treatment with you by your children; and 
unadulterated pious personal conduct 
fetches faithfulness & sincerity among your 
family women 



Disobedience of 
Parents is a grave sin 

Anas gk states that when the Holy 
Prophet $$ was asked about the grave 
sins, he said, "(1) Associating partners with 
Allah. (2) being disobedient & insolent to 
parents, (3) to kill a human being without j 
ustifled reason, and (4) to become a false 
witness to an unwitnessed incident". 



The grave sins quoted in the reference 
above are listed in the same sequence in 
another Hadith in Sahih Bokhari as well; 
which reflects that disobedience of 
parents is only next to Shirk, (i.e. 
Association partner with All-Mighty Allah) 
and is reckoned even more grave than 
killing a person unlawfully. 




Service to parents earns 

the goodwill of Allah 

Abdullah Ibn-e-Masood J$> states that in 
reply to my question as to what act 
is most pleasing to Allah, the Holy 
Prophet .^replied, "The prayer at its proper 
time." I enquired, "What is the next?" The 
Holy Prophet i$J remarked, "good treatment 
afforded to parents". On further query, the 
Holy Prophet £# said,"Jihad in the way of 

Allan "' [Agreed upon] 


Service to parents is an act that greatly 
pleases All-Mighty Allah, and is thus the 
best way to earn Allah's goodwill. Allah's 
goodwill is indeed the best reward bestowed 
upon those who serve their parents 
with humility. 

' « f « 4 I « I < , ■ , • 

Can one really fulfil 
the rights of parents ? 

t -r ■? ^* 

Abu Huraira^ reported that the Messenger 
of Allah .%$■ had said, "No son can repay 
for the service of his father except that if 
ever he finds him a slave, he buys him, 
and then gets him emancipated. 


We must therefore realise that simple 
service to the parents is just not enough, 
but we must always remain prepared to 
come to their rescue if ever they fall in 
some serious trouble. 





16 Mother's sister ought to be 
respected like real mother 

& ***~ ^*t *• K"C 


Hadrat Bara -jfk narrates that the Holy 
Prophet |$J said,"Mother"s sister is (to be 
treated) like real mother." 



This Hadith advises that mother's sister 
ought to be treated with affectionate care 
& regard like real mother. It is also desired 
that other similarly close relations of 
parents as well to be given due respect 
& care. 


' • it 


Father is the Central 
Gateway to Paradise 

i .h'J' 

I <*£*«" 

Abu Huraira 4£> said that he heard the 
Holy Prophet ,&p saying; "Of the gates of 
Paradise, father is the Central Gate. It is 
now up to you to lose it or to protect it." 



What a reflection of the Benevolence of 
All-Mighty Allah! It is worth realising that if 
service to father entitles an individual for 
entry into Paradise through the Central 
Gate, indeed much better would be in 
store for serving mother who has an 
acknowledged prior right of service by the 
children? Indeed highly blessed are those 
who serve their parents with love & 



Children's invocation 
1 8 for their departed parents 

Abu Huraira :-~- reports that the Holy 
Prophet i t ~ said. "At times the status of a 
devotee is raised in Paradise; and he asks 
Oh My Lord, whence is this elevation from? 
The Lord tells him, "It is on account of the 
invocation your son has made for you." 


Here we are taught a way to pay back the 
rights of the departed parents by invoking 
Allah's mercy to forgive them. My spiritual 
guide Dr. Abdul Hye <RA) told us that he 
always beseeched to Allah to divert the 
award of his non-obligatory prayers to his 


19 Reward of service 
^^- to mother 

Syeda Aaisha .-{.- states that the Holy 
Prophet v- said, "While asleep I heard 
the Holy Quran being recited in Heavens; 
and on query 1 was told that Hurisa Bin 
Noman was reciting the Holy Quran in 
Heavens because he used to be 
extremelyrespectful & obedient to his 

mother in life". 



What a blessing for those who respect & 
serve their mothers in life. Those whose 
mothers are alive ought to earn such 
great blessings of Allah by sincerely 
devoting themselves in service of their 
mothers (and fathers as well). 





Disobedience to parents 
can be waved off 

£3* S) ^j^v'K 3^ SMfc^ S 


-*~^ ^<^ - 

J x jCte 3Q\-*i) ^b 3&»3j& c&jb >. 


Anas ->jt reports the Holy Prophet ISe 1 
as saying: "Sometimes it so happens that 

after the parents die, their child who had 
been disobedient during their life-time and 
used to harass them; begins to pray for 
them and beseech forgiveness for them; 
in appreciation of which Allah categorises 
him in the list of those who were obedient 
to their parents in life. 



A way out for those who had been 
disobedient & insoient to their parents, is 
to beseech to Allah for forgiveness of their 
departed parents. The Most Benevolent 
Allah may categorize such children in the 
list of obedient children. 




21 To abuse parents 

is a grievous sin a 

As narrated by Abdullah Bin 
Umar^i the Holy Prophet $$* said, "To 
abuse ones parents is an extremely grave 
sin." The fellows of the Holy 
Prophet $1 questioned, "How can an 
individual abuse him/her own parents?" 
The Holy Prophet ,i#i replied, "If a person 
abuses the parents of another person, he 
is responded in return with abuse to his 
parents by the other person." 

[Bokhari, Muslim] 


What a chaste lesson given to Muslim in 
this Hadith! One must not only respect 
ones own parents but must also be polite 
& respectful to the parents of others as 
well to avoid retaliation of others against 
ones own parents. 



The reward of an 
approved pilgrimage 

*#&# -• >. ■ - Cp\(p& S? j 6 

It is on recorded on the authority of Ibn 
Abbasr- that the Holy Prophet &£i said, 
"Every time one who treats his "parents 
handsomely, looks at them with compassion 
in his eyes, Allah writes for him the reward of 
an approved pilgrimage, (haj)." 
The companions asked, "Even if one looks 
at one's parents a hundred times in the day?" 
The Holy Prophet ^- answered, "Yes, Allah 
is the Greatest & Most pious. (None can stop 
Him from doing whatever He wishes to do). 



Allah is indeed Most Pious &Compassionate! 
This Hadith is worth being read & pondered 
again & again. What a reward for just 
glancing over the parents with love &regards! 
This noble jester repeated 100 times a day 
shall fetch the reward of 100 approved 
pilgrimage of the Holy Ka'aba. What a pity if 
still one may not realise to avail of the Most 
Gracious Allah's infinite blessings. 

23 Three accepted prayers P?P? 

Abu Hurayra ^b has quoted the Holy 
Prophet iLfias saying "Three prayers 
are a I ways "heard: {i) a father's prayer for 
his children; (ii) a traveller's prayer; and 
(iii) the prayer of one who is wronged & 

[Tirmazi, Abu Dawood) 


Mention is made of father only in this 
Hadifh, while in other Ahadith mother is 
also mentioned which means, parents 
invocation for their children are always 
accepted by Allah. One must therefore 
always remain humbte & respectful to 
ones parents, and bow to them in order 
seek their blessings at all times. 


24 Respect for father 

< ^ -^ -■-' 

It is recorded on the authority of the Syedp 
Ayesha^ri that a young man accompanied 
by an elder called on the Holy 
Prophet^ The Holy Prophet ,i# asked the 
young who the elder was. "He is my father 
the young man answered. The Holy 
Propriety advised him, "Always be 
considerate to your father and honour 
him. Do not walk ahead of him, nor sit 
before he sits down, nor address him by 
name nor abuse anyone because of him. 



This solo Hadith could have been enough 
to make us realise that Most Gracious All- 
Mighty expects us to display extreme respect 
& regard for our parents. Just imagine how 
unwise are those who mistreat their parents 
not realising for the consequence they shall 
have to face for this ill-conduct 


Augmentation of 
Age & Income 


Anas^p reports that the Holy 
Prophet ■&£ said, "He who desires thathis 
life-span & wealth may increase, he 
should treat his parents magnificently and 
other relatives with benign compassion." 



Being respectful & considerate to parents 
not only fetches Allah's blessing in the 
world hereafter, but also earns 
augmentation of life & wealth in this 
world. Taking care of parents & spending 
for their health & welfare brings multifold 
dividends in this world & hereafter. 





Service to parents is a 
deed in the way of Allah 

Ibn Omar jg relates that when a lean & thin 
man passed by near the congregation of 
Holy Prophets ,ig- followers, someone 
remarked, "Ah, how good would it have been 
if only thisman had grown lean because of 
striving in the path of Allah." 
The Holy Prophet |gJ remarked,"lt may be 
that the man had become weak and 
emaciated because of labouring to look after 
his aged parents, since that too is reckoned 
to have been in the path of Allah. 



It stands established from this Hadith that 
time & health consumed in service of 
parents is reckoned as an act in the way of 
Allah. Indeed extremely lucky are those who 
endeavour to provide comfort & ease to 
their parents. 

27 Service to parents has 
~-^ priority even over Hif rat 



Abdullah bin Omar ^reports: A man 
presented himself before the Holy 
Prophet 0. saying that he had come to 
take an oath that he would migrate, and 
added that he had left his parents in tears 
, because he was intending to depart from 
them. The Holy Prophet &$. told him to go 
back to them and make them smile just as 
he had left them in tears, 

k[Abu Dawood, NisaeeJ 

Denial of permission for Hijrat for the sake 
of service & consolation of the parents 
ought to be ample eye-opener for those 
who do not care to look after their parents. 
Neglecting parents is invoking the wrath of 
Alt-Mighty Allah, which much be avoided 
in one's own interest in this world & 




Reward of keeping 
parents nappy 

Ibn Omar-rJ? relates that the Holy 
Prophet^ said, "Your sleeping on the 
bed between your parents in such a way 
that you make them laugh with joy and 
they make you laugh is better than your 
struggle with a sword (Jihad) in Allah's 



This Hadith most beautifully states that it 
is for more desired to keep your parents 
pleased and happy than to go to Jihad in 
the way of Allah. Fortunate are those who 
spend their time with their parents and 
look after them. 


i / » / i / « . • t > . 

29 Even the slightest 
jester of rudeness to 
parents is condemnable 

Syed Aisha prelates that the Holy 
Prophet && said, "An individual who just 
glances at the parents with rude looks has 
committed a misconduct with parents." 



This Hadith cautious that even the 
slightest jester of rude behaviour with 
parents earns ill-will of Allah, and must 
therefore be avoided in ones own interest. 





The consequences of 
disobedience to parents 
are faced in this world 


Abu Bakr:^ has stated that the Holy 
Prophet $$i said: "Allah forgives all sins 
except the sin of offending parents; and 
offending them is a sin that He punishes 
in this very world as well before death 



This Hadith cautions that if some one 
happens to be disobedient to one's 
parents and misbehaves with them, he will 
not die unless he tastes the miseries & 
torture in this world. I have personally 
observed countless examples of such 
children who were disobedient to their 
parents and had to undergo unimaginable 
problems and miseries before their death 
May Allah guide us to the right path 

Deprival of entry 
Into Paradise 


Abdullah bin Omar Jjt has reported that 
the Holy Prophet .gjisaid, "He who 
publically talks about having done an 
obligation, and he who ill treats his parents, 
and he who takes intoxicants habitually 
shall not enter Paradise." 



What a pity on those who shall be 
deprived of entry into Paradise just 
because they had been disobedient to 
their parents & didn't care for them in life. 



40 > 

Prayers for forgiveness of 
the parents after their death 

Abu Hurayra ^Vtells us that the Holy 
Prophet $p said: "When a man dies all his 
deeds come to an end; but there are three 
deeds the benefits of which continue after 
him. (i) "sadqa-e-jariyah or perpetuating 
charity; (ii) knowledge from which people 
continue to benefit; and (iii) virtuous noble 
children who pray for them." 



Noble off springs can continue to serve 
their parents in graves by invoking Allah 
for their forgiveness at all times of prayers. 


* t i i > i i t , t 


Charity by offsprings can 
benefit the dead parents 



Ibn Abbas ^narrates: "A man came to 
the Holy Prophet i^and said, "My mother 
has passed away. If I give any 
charity on her behalf, will it be of 
benefit toner?"" Yes, if will benefit her", 
the Holy Prophet $$ confirmed. 



This Holy Prophetic tradition establishes 
that if some one spends money in the way 
of Allah its Sawab certainly reaches his 
parents in the world hereafter and they 
benefit from it. 






-, longevity is granted for 
- obedience to parents 

Hadhrat Ma'az Bin AnasT- repeats that 
the Holy Prophet^ said, "Allah grants 
extension in the age of an individual who 
makes a good turn to his/her 
parents with love & regards". 

[AbuYaala, Tibrani] 


A good & courteous conduct with parents 
earns extension in life-span of the noble 
off-springs. May Allah make us all 
realise the virtuous rewards by taking 
care of our parents with love & regards. 

42 ) 


35 Cause of Allah's curse 

V U 

c i^vni»> 

Hadrat AIL# stated that the Holy 
Prophet ££• said, "One who curses the 
parents, is himself cursed by Allah". 



Misbehaving with parents and hurting 
their feelings by using abusive 
language earns curse of All-Mighty Allah 
for the unworthy individual himself. 





Gates of Paradize remain open 
for those obedient to parents 




Ibn Abbas .^stated that the Holy 
Prophet i«ji aid, "He who passes the night 
in the condition of obedience to his parents 
has both the doors of paradise open to htm; 
and if there be only one parent alive, and 
the son passes the night in obedience of 
him (or her), he has one door of paradise 
open to him in the morning." 





The Holy Prophetic tradition vividly 
elaborates that the parents are like gates 
of Heavens, and whosoever keeps his 
parents happy with obedience, will enter the 
paradise easily. It is not a difficult job. May 
Allah give us understanding. 

Respect for foster mother 


Abu Tufail^ reports: "t saw the Holy 
Prophet ,4ji distributing meat at a place in 
Jarrana when a woman came and made her 
way to the Holy Prophet %$ spread his own 
cloak-sheet for her to sit on. Seeing this I 
asked one near to me as to who the lady 
might be, I was told me that lady was the 
foster mother who had nursed the Holy 
Prophet&^when he was aninfant." 

[Abu Dawood] 


The lady under reference was reportedly 
Haleema Sa'adia who had nursed the Holy 
Prophet,v&during his infancy; and 
therefore the tradition expects the foster 
mother to be treated with great respect. 


4 j> 


Children & their wealth 
belong to the parents 

lSG^ • &if£^ ys ^ b ^Tj^-It^c 

Umro Bin Shoaib^ narrates from his 
grand father that a villager came to the 
Holy Prophet ^ and said, "My father 
intends to finish the whole my wealth". 
The Holy Prophet %fc replied, "You and 
your wealth belong to your father. Indeed 
the best & most sacred is the wealth that 
you earn yourself, and your children's 
wealth is also your own labour and therefore 
you may also spend it as you wish". 


This Hadith certifies that the wealth & 

property of the children really belong to 

their parents, and they have to right to 
utilize it as they may wish. 

39 I mprecation of Jibraeel -e Amin 
& endorsement fay the 
Holy Prophet 

^ iiJ5SCjj\ o*^Xis- -U 

Ka'ab Bin Ujra ^ states that once the 
Holy Prophet £^- asked us all to come close 
to the rostum, and when we collected near 
the Holy Prophet $& he told us that Jibraeel 
(AS) came to him, and he said, "May he 
perish who found both parents or one of 
them alive in old age, but could not earn 
Paradize for him; and I endosed the 
imprecation of Jibraeel, [Muslim] 

Just imagin the gravity of the caution, 
when the supreme Chief the angles 
Jabraii-e-Amin prays for curse on those 
who may not be able to earn goodwill of 
their parents, and the best of the creation 
the Holy Prophet ff$p endorses it. We must 
therefore protect ourselves from this 
curse by trying hard to serve our parents 
to the best of our capacity. 



40 Service to parents is no (ess 
than optional pilgrimage 

Anas '■ stated that a man came to the Holy 
Prophet :■-;•- and said, "I should like to take part in 
Jihad but ! don't possess the ability to do so." 
Possibly the man might have been physically 
weak, or had some defective limb. The Holy 
Prophet asked htm whether his parents were still, 
living. The man said that his mother was alive.f 
"Then," the Holy Prophet ?-> said, "Fear 

Altah in respect of your mother." (That is, devote 
yourself to her service). When you do so, you 
will have performed the pilgrimages of Haj and 
Umra and also jihad; and when your mother cails 
you, fear Allah (by responding to her voice; do 
not disregard her), and let your treatment of her 
by very handsome." [Baihaqi] 

The pilgrimage of Haj & Umra are the acts of i 
jihad which really call for a lot of self-sacrifices & 
money, while looking after the parents with love 
& regard is a simple noble conduct expected on 
obedient & respectful children; yet the two acts 
are reckoned equivalent in reward. This vividly ' 
elucidates the extreme desirability of service to 

"^ parents to earn the goodwill of All-Mighty Allah. 



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